About the DoctorSmm.com/en/

Our company was created in 2014 in Russia; we provide SMM promotion in 8 Social networks:

  • Instagram;

  • YouTube;

  • Vkontakte;

  • Facebook;

  • Twitter;

  • Odnoklassniki;

  • Asf.fm;

  • Periscope.

Direction and specific character of services:

  • Attraction people on pages or groups;
Attraction “alive” views on video clips;

  • Carrying out pages, groups and video clips in top;

  • Increasing likes and comments under pictures, posts, videos;

  • Increasing number of followers in groups, pages.

The website doctorsmm.com/en is one of the company’s websites, and it has been translated onto 4 languages:

  • Russian

  • English

  • German

There are a lot of information about earnings in Social networks and a lot of SMM promotion services placed on the website.
Essential elements and sole proprietor:
SP “Artemova I.V.”
TIN 643906526142
PSRNSP 316774600464552
Legal address: Moscow, Moscowsky town, Byanki St. 4/2 266
Settlement account  40802810609030000175
In branch “Peterburgsky” Coorp. “Globesbank”
Correspondent account 30101810100000000749
BIC 044030749

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