SMM promoting services in Social networks

Our service provides SMM promotion on social networks.  Services provides increased traffic as well as quantities of likes, followers, reposts, views on the most popular Social networks. These services are needed for:

  • Attracting interested people into the promoted group;

  • Advertising of shops, brands and other subjects, which are directly connected with Internet sales;

  • Effective participating and help at running and taking parts in contests, questionnaires and voting on Social networks;

  • Getting your pages, pictures, groups and video-clips in top positions;

  • Increasing the number of people in groups, pages and other placements;
  • Promoting websites using SMM on Social networks:

  • Others options are also possible.

Considering that, Social networks provide great opportunities and ways of earning money to many people who quickly understand the necessity of SMM promotion on Social networks. Some run their accounts and groups themselves, others refer to different SMM services. Sometimes, specialized services don’t promote the required result, due to the lack of efficient advertising confidence which allows getting the needed result. So, before searching websites or organizations, think about the results you want to get, and the amount of money you can spend with this shady enterprise. Why shady? Because there are high risks of stumbling onto swindlers, not getting the desired results and other unpleasant situations, and your money will be lost.

What prices for SMM services are offered on the Internet?


Prices on the Internet depend on different reasons, let’s try to mark with the basic being:

  • What result is needed to a customer;

  • What Social network is going to be promotion;

  • Period of execution of advertising;

  • The differences in traffic (what way it has been got);

  • Targeting (country, city, gender, age and interests);
and others

Also prices can directly depend on the location of the firm you have chosen. For example, if the firm is located in a small town, the prices won’t be high, but if the firm is located in a big city, the fees can be overpriced.


What Social networks we provide our SMM services promotion:


Instagram – this service was created for sharing photos and videos through the most popular social networks and special apps. The Social network was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. The release date was on May 6, and the same year the app was able to be downloaded from the AppStore. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Youtube – the biggest video hosting site on the Internet. It was created in February 2005. The creators were working for PayPal when they published YouTube. Google now owns YouTube. This service provides an opportunity to share videos with the whole world.

Twitter – was made by Jack Dorsy 06.15.2006. The owner is Twitter Inc., the headquarters are situated in San Francisco. The main idea of this service is microblogging and chatting using SMS. Twitter is a free platform for communicating, but in case of using SMS, there will be a fee according your operator’s price.

Facebook – one of the most popular Social Networks in the world. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4, 2004. Facebook is being viewed more than 1.6 billion people every day. The film “Social Network” was based on Facebook’s creation story. If you’re interested in it, google the movie and watch it!