How to buy Facebook friends and followers at a bargain price

Where to buy friends on Facebook? This article will help you to increase the number of your friends and followers on Facebook

Friends and followers on Facebook – what is the difference?

By the end of 2011 on Facebook social network had appeared a new function – follow friends’ pages. Before that moment people could only add to friends. However, this function gave a very effective opportunity to use personal pagers to develop their own brands. So let’s find out the differences between friends and followers on Facebook:

  1. Friends and followers can look through your news feed;

  2. The main difference between friends and followers is their number. You may have unlimited followers, but you can have only 5000 friends;

  3. You can limit the access to your page for friends and followers;

  4. You can get a special followed link, which can be placed on different resources to attract more followers. You can do it by clicking the button “Ideas for followers”, which is situated on the top right of your news feed page;

  5. Followers and friends can put likes to your posts. But only friends and friends’ friends can write comments under your posts;

  6. You can buy Facebook friends, and after, if you wish, you can transfer them to followers;

This way you will be able to add a lot of new friends, even those who you don’t know. To promote your page and make your posts more popular you can use your personal followers.

Limits on adding friends and followers on Facebook

As we’ve already said before, there is a limit on the number of friends on Facebook. For example, you are not allowed to add more than 5000 friends on your page. But on the other hand, you can get the unlimited number of followers. But it is not a secret, everybody knows that. More interesting question is – are there any other limits on actions on Facebook? Yes, there are some limits. Now we’ll try to determine them:

  • If you have decided to buy Facebook friends, you should do it extremely carefully. It is not a good idea to buy thousands of friends;

  • The same thing is with invitations. The maximum number of invitations having been sent instantly is 100. And also, not accepted invitations must be no more than 300. In this case Facebook will determine your invitations as not interesting to people;

  • Sending one message to all your friends and other users can be regarded as spam. So, if you want to send a lot of messages, you should change the text once in 5-6 messages;

  • If during sending invitations you get too many refuses, probably, the system will determine your actions as “not interesting to users”. It can bring bad affect to your page, and in a result you page can be banned;

  • Over-usage of special functions for adding friends and invitations is also forbidden.

If you break one of these rules, the system will warn you, and after, if you continue doing that, you will get your account banned. So, before you decide to buy friends on Facebook or to add them by yourself, you should do a brainstorm and make a plan of the safe adding friend on your Facebook friend.

Buy or not to buy friends on Facebook?

Further, we’ll observe some methods of adding friend free and paid. And in conclusion, we’ll compare them.

  • The basic method of gaining friends is sending invitations. Doing that you can get friends and followers really interested in you. But you shouldn’t forget about Facebook limits on sending invitations. The system keep users’ “safe space” in safe, and prevents any troublesome actions;

  • You can post any questionnaires or contests on your page. It always attracts new followers. But make sure that your page is visible for all Facebook users. Your posts must be seen by all people on Facebook.

  • Free exchange services. Rather effective and fast way to get new friends. To place an order on such service you should do some tasks given by the website. Usually these tasks can be considered by Facebook system as spam. Therefore it is not a good idea to gain many friends. You can also buy friends of Facebook on such websites, but there aren’t any guarantees that your money won’t disappear and your page will be in safe;

  • You can buy friends Facebook on special services, such as ours. Their services usually are not free. It is so because they have some rules of cooperating and give you some guarantees in performing a task. Nobody will ask you to spam in an exchange of these services. And the quality of the material will be much higher than on exchange services.

So, it is time to compare advantages and disadvantages of all methods. For example, sending invitations you can rely only on people’s mutuality, however, the Facebook system can find these actions as spam and ban your account. If you buy Facebook friends somewhere on unreliable websites you can lose your money or even your Facebook account. But the last method such like to buy FB friends, which we described earlier, is the safest and the most reliable way to increase your followers. You shouldn’t wait for months waiting until your page will increase the number of followers. For hours you will get as more friends as you think is necessary.

How much does buying Facebook friends cost on other websites?

Now we know, that the best and the most attractive way to increase the number of your friends on Facebook is buying them on special websites. And some of you want to know the price for these services. Let’s find out the current relevant prices.

So, for the service, such as buying Facebook friends, you will pay $8-$16 per 1000 friends. The price scattering depends on different criterions. For example, the basic one is a quality of the followers. On our website, you will find the best combination of quality and prices.

How is it reliable to buy friends on Facebook nowadays?

If you are looking forward to buying Facebook friends, probably, you hope to get real Facebook friends or followers, who will be interested in your posts and will do some activities on your page. But, unfortunately, it is not so. You will not find any real followers or friends on the websites which provide these services. You can add them by yourself, just using some methods, which we have described earlier. But remember, those methods will take much of your time.

Nowadays the most qualitative material is friends, who follow you for money. In most cases, those people do not use their own real pages, probably they do this activity using fake ones. That can be a reason of long subscribing because there are not any reasons them to unsubscribe your page. And sometimes they look like real users by liking and adding comments to your posts. So, the best way to buy FB friends is on the website which doesn’t keep this information in secret and truthfully doesn’t promise you real followers.

Why might you need friends on your personal page on Facebook?

So, it is time to summarize everything and make a conclusion about and answer the question: “Why might you need Facebook buy friends?”

  • All your friends and followers is your personal target audience. You can show your subscribers any advertising, which can be useful in developing your brand or business;

  • Also friends can spread your ideas or commercials by reposting;

  • Having created any community, you can invent there your friends and followers, which in their turn can do the same;

  • You can invite your friends to different events. And it is also can be considered as a commercial;

  • You can Facebook friends buy in a big quantity by a low price, and after just sell your account at a bargain conditions. The most relevant accounts with real friends are from the US or Europe.


In conclusion, we would like to say that it doesn’t matter which way you prefer, the main thing is to keep your account safe. Find the safest and the most loyal services, which honestly provide their services.