How to buy YouTube views cheap without any risks

How to buy cheap YouTube views fast, safe and effectively – secrets and promptings from our professionals

How much does purchase YouTube views cost?

It is important to know the average price which you will pay for this service after deciding to buy high retention YouTube views. In this article we are going to give some examples, explaining where and why you might find different prices.

So, nowadays the average variation in prices for 1000 YouTube views is from 2$ to 7$. This price depends on quality of the provided service and seller’s honesty. The main advantage of buying YouTube views is that system doesn’t show accounts where the view has been made from. However, it doesn’t mean that the view has been made from quality account. In other words, the service where you have placed your order for a low price can execute the job in bad faith, which may cause your account banned.

Also the price directly depends on a targeting. It’s not a secret that the majority of users want to buy high retention YouTube views to earn money on advertising. Correspondingly, views from the US probably will cost more than, for example, from Asia. It’s caused that the price for advertising is much bigger in the US than money which YouTube pays for Asian views.

How to buy high retention YouTube views not been banned

Any purchase on Social networks is connected with some risks. Nowadays a lot of Social networks introduce big quantify of filters, which allow to trace artificial counters increasing on the users pages. It’s also connected with buying views on YouTube. For sure, maybe you have heard that YouTube bots ban tons of videos, including those who added views on a video. These rumors are true, and furthermore – fair. So, let’s find out how to buy cheap YouTube views without been banned:

  • Firstly, buy views only from reliable sellers. To make sure about it, read specific forums or other subject places, and find out what people think about services, where they have placed an order;

  • Certainly check the quality of acquired material. To do it, place a small order and analyze the result and its effectiveness;

  • Make the purchase methodically and carefully, combining it with adding new recourses. In other words you mustn’t boost views from 0 to 100000; moreover if there are no likes and comments under the video. This is traced in depth by the YouTube bots;

  • Describe your video in a proper way. The basic reason of been banned is not a purchasing views on your video, but improper description. For example, choosing inappropriate key words. If you write in the video description the most popular key phrases on YouTube, you will be banned because of irrelevance with the description and the video;

  • No plagiarism! Even if you have counted and, maybe, you have not been caught, it will be very difficult to cheat YouTube. Therefore it’s better to avoid copying other video clips and to boost them;

Having been following all these advice, it will not, probably, be occurred to you to find the place where you can buy cheap YouTube views without been banned, because the risks will be reduced to zero.

Do the buying views on YouTube give noticeable effect?

If I get a lot of views on my video, will it be brought to the top? – This question worries a lot of users. A year ago, without any doubts, we would answers: “Fore sure, yes!” However, the situation has changed a little. Therefore it’s difficult to say that buying views on YouTube will give you a ticket to the top.

At this moment the searching engine on YouTube works as the same principle as on Google. The result is to the relevance of a video by searching requirements and to people’s interest to the video. That is, if the video content and description is agreed with what people are looking for and satisfies their interests (users find something useful and entertained for them), the video will be brought to the top.

The only question is left – how to get your viewers excited? Well, apart from the fact that it is necessary to create and publish only high-quality content, you might need to buy views on YouTube. What do you think what video you would prefer to watch: from 5 to 10 thousand views or more than 20-50 thousand views? And many of the users watch new videos by this principle, not even suspected, that 10 thousand views have been bought. And there is an answer for the question: “Why do I need to purchase YouTube views?” In other words, the “crowd effect” works, and real views follow the fake ones, in consequence of that new likes and comment appear under your video.

In that way we have found out, that views don’t affect onto top position directly, but it increases trust of users.

How to get views on YouTube for free or on your own?

Undoubtedly, we offer to you to buy YouTube views cheap on our website. But we cannot avoid and skip the secrets of getting YouTube views for free or on your own. So, what do you have to do to achieve this result? We are not going to discuss the services which allow you to get views for free, because without any doubts you will pay for it.

  1. The most obvious way to increase views on YouTube for free – is to work on your own with the content. We say nothing of publishing high-quality and fascinating content on your account – because you already know it. But not so many people know how to put description in a proper way. So, first of all you must clearly set up your direction which you are going to follow. After having done it, you might need to use a “key phrase searching” tool and mine as more as possible popular relevant phrases. In accordance with this database, fill in all necessary information about your video: a title, a description, key words or tags. But you shouldn’t spam, writing dozens of key words under your video. Otherwise you will be banned. Move toward into one direction. Each video clip should be given with one or two key phrases.

  2. Absolutely legal “300 views” method. As it’s known, YouTube registers no more than 300 views with one IP-address. It can be used. To use this opportunity you need to install the application, which will allow you to refresh a page with necessary period of time, for example, “Page Reloader” for Chrome. Launch it, set up the auto-refresh period of time and go shopping. After 300 refreshes, the program stops and you will enjoy the result. You may ask all your friends to do the same thing, and you may get not 300 views but 3000 views absolutely free and legal.

  3. And don’t forget to tell all your friends about new video-clips you publish. Use Social networks. Place links everywhere you can: Social networks, forums, blogs and communities. Simple mathematic: the more people see your link, the more views you will get.

Certainly, it is very easy to buy real YouTube views, but they are not comparable with those, which you get on your own.

What is better: buy real YouTube views with or without hold?

On your way of improving your YouTube channel you may find such term as “views hold”. It is rather important moment. Exactly in compliance with the fact of how long your video can hold audience the top position of your channel is determined. Such parameter as “holding of audience” can be found in YouTube analytic.

Thus, before to buy real YouTube views, you need to clarify yourself what kind of views you will need with or without hold. And as for us, we will try to explain the differences between them.

Views without hold - means that each view continues from 3 to 15 seconds. Considering the fact that YouTube analytics counts views which last the most part of the time, it is very difficult to believe that those views affect on bringing your account to the top. However, it is not so. For example, if your video lasts about thirty or few seconds it is advantageous to buy views without hold. Moreover, to buy YouTube views cheap can be bought in this way.

Views with hold – each view of your video-clip continues from 60 seconds to 95% of all duration of your video. Such views are considered more qualitative and suits to long video recordings. Correspondingly, the price for these views is to be much higher. However, in this case it is surely to say that YouTube will estimate at views’ true worth.

In what cases YouTube charges the views off.

Some people, who want their videos to be brought to the top, unfortunately, can get bought views charged off. According to this fact, the question: “how to avoid losing bought views” appears. Now we will try to answer the question:

  • Common case: you have bought non-qualitative views. Precisely for this reason we strongly recommend you to buy a minimum amount of views;

  • If you have decided to buy safe YouTube views with minimum capital investment. A rush for low prices doesn’t give necessary results;

  • If you have chosen unreliable service, probably fraudulent;

  • If an executor doesn’t know how to work with proxy-servers. It is unforgivable mistake if the views are to be put under the video. YouTube services instantly detect this careless work;

  • And at last: strike on a video. That is, if your video somehow has got under YouTube bots’ suspicion, probably the views will be charged off;

Try to avoid such moments, and you will be able to get tons of views on YouTube without charge offs.


In conclusion we would like to say one thing: if you have decided to buy safe YouTube views using any service, you are to trust only to professionals with the brilliant reputation. Thus, you can bring your videos to the top without any problems, and the most important is – without any risks.