How to increase Instagram video views fast and cheap

In our article you will find out how to increase views on Instagram by very low price and without any risks

What do views give to your page on Instagram

Such resource as views on Instagram has appeared very recently on the Social Network. Its appearing can be related to increasing video posts duration less than 1 minute. This innovation appeared in the middle of 2016. Views on video replace likes. According to the fact, many users started looking for the ways how to increase views on Instagram to get their video in the top. So let’s find out what views can give to your account.

  • As we said earlier views have replaced likes. It means that views are the same demonstration of activity of your followers or other users, which is necessary to get your video clip to the top;

  • The more views a video has the more popular it becomes. The number of views works as a commercial encouraging people to watch the video. Other words, the “crowd effect” takes place;

  • Also, it provides increasing of loyalty and trust of people. If there are a lot of people who have seen the video, it means that it worth it;

  • A big number of views is the right way to get your video on the top on Instagram;

This way, it means that views directly have an effect on increasing popularity of your account and your videos on Instagram. On our website, you will find more useful information about how to increase Instagram video views.

How does the number of views on Instagram effect on getting the video on the top

How we know that the number of views directly depends on getting the video on the top. So, let’s find out how it works:

  • You post the first interesting video clip, which gets your subscribers interested in. Here comes the first wave of views;

  • Next, your subscribers share the video with their friends and acquaintances – the second wave of views;

  • You write special hash-tags (actually you have to do that at the moment before your video been posted), and you get more views from other sources – it comes slowly because your video is still not on the top;

  • At the last stage, you will probably need to buy views on your video to get your video more popular. On our website you can find a lot of information about how to increase views on Instagram video and buy them;

  • The system determines the popularity of your video and brings it to the top positions.

Of course, it is not enough to have a big number of views to get your video to the leading positions. In this case, you might need to increase all parameters of the video and the account: views, followers and comments.

What is the average price of increasing Instagram video views

In order to get your video more popular faster, you might need to make a purchase to increase video views on Instagram. It will bring some artificial popularity to your video clip. This action can bring the attention of other real people to your post, as we said in the first part of our article. However, many users would probably be interested in the average price for this service.

The average price for purchasing video views on Instagram ranging from 2$ to 3$ per 1000 views. For sure, you will be surprised with the price. It is connected with low popularity of this service, and not so many people want to provide this service. But we do. Comparing the price and spending your time of bringing your video on the top it is better to increase Instagram video views with the help of our website.

How to increase views on Instagram video using links

Many people compare views on Instagram with views on YouTube. And if we know how to get more views on YouTube, then how does it work with Instagram? Is it possible to get more views by placing links on other websites?

Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. You will not get any additional views by placing your video on Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, views from unregistered users also are not counted. The only option is to place the link followed to your video on Instagram. Only this way can help you to increase the views on the video.

Let’s hope that sooner the situation will have been changed and Instagram will be another one video hosting as YouTube. But now it is better to get your Instagram views increased with the help of our website, which will make your life much easier.

Where and how can I increase video views on Instagram fast

There are not so many resources which provide purchasing views on Instagram comparing with other Social Networks. It makes it more difficult to find high-quality and reliable service.

To find out where you can increase Instagram views you should spend a lot of your free time surfing the Internet in searching, comparing and analyzing different websites. The website you’re looking for must have several options:

  1. Positions of the website on Google, and also to have a good trust among users;

  2. Absence of any form of registration, which requires your login and password from the Social Network’s account;

  3. If there are any guarantees and rules of cooperation;

  4. Low prices. This can be the most important point;

  5. Fast support;

  6. Possibility to purchase a trial minimal order.

If all these options are available on the website, you can trust the seller and make a purchase to increase views Instagram. We can assure you that our website DoctorSmm follows all these options, and you can be satisfied by reading special pages. So, don’t waste your time! 

How to Instagram views increase for free

Also, you might try to increase the number of views on Instagram on your own and for free. After all the idea of purchasing to increase views on Instagram can be not as effective as you thought the first time, especially if you need to bring to the top a blank video clip. So let’s find out how you can increase the number of views on Instagram for free:

  • Try to shoot high-quality and clear video. It is better to have your camera fixed on a tripod during capturing the video;

  • Accurately collect key-phrases and use them in the description to the video, and don’t forget about hast-tags;

  • Put the link to your video on any different resources, such as Facebook, Twitter or forums;

  • Share your video among your friends;

  • Also, you can use the exchange services, but it is not so effective and safe. Because to get new views you will have to send spam through your account on Instagram, and there is a chance to get your account be banned.

Only if your video gets your viewers interested in it, you can increase their activity on your page. But you shouldn’t forget about the option to increase video views on Instagram on our website. After all, this service doesn’t require a lot of money.